What We Offer

Jeep Safari is provided by the resort with expert naturlist like Rahul and Noorul who assist you in the park. Jeep safari is done twice a day Morning and evening. Park opens according to sunrise and closes by the time of sunset depending upon the season.

Elephant Ride-Elephant ride from the elephants back is provided inside the park by the forest department. Where the Mahouts takes on 1 hour tour you are likely to get many mammals and may be leopard and tiger sighting possible. Forest conducts in only certain area like Kanha/Mukki and Kisli.

Cycling & Walks- These are the best options apart from the jeep drives where you can enjoy the nature along with many whistling bird around the resort area.Resort itself has spoted 58 different specious of birds.A naturlist along with a binoculars and book will accompany you to explorer the forest on foot or on bicycle.


Pugmark Resort Kanha